Doodle Family: We are most proud of the "continuing" relationship with the animals we have bred, raised, and loved and the good folks who adopted them. By emails, letters, telephone calls, and return visits to our Virginia farm the extended "family" share their Doodle experiences, both the many joys and the occasional setbacks.


Eliie Rose

Ellie Rose has turned out to be wonderful and beautiful in every way! She has passed her first test towards becoming a certified Pet Therapy dog. She is so much fun and a crazy girl! You may recall we lost our beloved labradoodle, also from Gleneden, suddenly last May and did not believe we could ever love another dog again.  Ellie has totally won our hearts and healed them. Her hair is gorgeous and everyone comments on it. She only weighs around 36lbs.

Wayburn's of Brentwood, TN (6/23/17)


Feeling guilty I have never submitted any pictures of my beloved friend, Kosi (like “cozy”) who just turned 8 this week.  He is the 2nd doodle I have had the pleasure of having in my life from Gleneden.  I have included a picture of him from you website 8 years ago when I chose him, a picture of him when I picked him up at the airport and a couple of his adventurous life in Idaho ever since.  He has been a life-changer for me and I am so grateful to Gleneden.  I look forward to the day I visit your farm!

David Olson (4/11/16)




Hi Judy,
It’s been a while since we picked up Andy. I’m just writing to let you know he’s doing exceedingly well. He absolutely loves people and has become somewhat of a local celebrity for his friendliness and attractiveness. Here are a few pictures just so you can see his progress. Thanks for giving us a wonderful little boy.

Maya Rockeymoore (9/3/18)



Good evening

Two and a half years ago, I was blessed to have one of your pups come my way, after someone else couldn’t take her.

She is just a treasure and every single day she makes me smile... cuddly, naughty, smart, and just a joy to have... thank you!

She has a ton of energy, and I searched for something for her to focus on... she does well scenting, but was still distracted pretty easily... a few weeks ago we tried dock diving, since when she had her life vest on, she was fearless in Long Island Sounds... not even good sized waves deterred her.

So I thought you might enjoy seeing Calliope’s sport of choice. This was her very first jump, clearing 12’....and couldn’t wait to do it again and again.  The owners of the facility asked us to come back in three days for a competition... she came home with 2 ribbons for qualifying jumps toward her ranking!  I’m just glad we’ve found something she loves to do.

She is the best dog and companion ever! 

All my best....and thank you! Alison Gould (5/24/18)



Back in August of 2003 my family adopted a Labradoodle from you and our lives were forever changed! C.J. short for Charlie Jason was born on June 14th, 2003 to Viola and Bojangles. I had just turned eleven years old and I knew I had met my forever best friend the second we saw him! C.J. was just as handsome as he was loyal.
On June 14, 2018 C.J. celebrated his fifteenth birthday. As we were all filled with joy, a part of my heart ached as I knew this would be his last birthday, as he was no longer the C.J. we had grown to love. C.J. was put to sleep June 22. 2018 after he had a trip through the McDonalds Drive through for his very own cheeseburger and shake! Our hearts are broken, not only was my doodle boy gone but I lost my best friend.
First of all, I would like to say thank you. There are no words that I could possibly say to express to you how grateful I am to you for giving us the best dog a girl could have ever asked for! I have so many beautiful memories of C.J. that would have not been possible without you and the wonderful dogs you breed! Enclosed is a picture of our sweet angel, CJ on his 15th birthday!

Brittany Levithan (9/3/18)

Morgan and Ace


Morgan, at 11 years young, is tolerant of the youngster, but when they play, he enjoys the competition and company. The daytime dog bed is getting too small, but then, Ace will have to fend for himself. He is very special in my estimation. He’s quite intelligent. He learns quickly, words and deeds. He has a beautiful gait. When he trots along, it’s really special. He reminds me of a horse trotting. His markings are so interesting. I can’t get over the spots that do not transfer to the hair. I said to our groomer to check the spots on his belly, he said “You should see him wet!" His coat is lovely…straight and soft hair, not at all curly.

Smart and clever, cute as a button (and getting bigger)….they get equal time and Morgan is such a good boy and helper. Ace is adorable and I promise not to spoil him….Morgan will make sure of that. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your matching my new puppy desire to such a cool dog!

Many thanks and to Bill too….. Sue Medbery (3/25/18)



I never sent an update about Sophie, our Labradoodle of 14 1/2 years who joined our family in 2004. When we purchased Sophie few people had even heard of Labradoodles; when I would tell people what type of dog she was they usually replied “Labra-WHAT?”

We said to goodbye to Sophie 3 weeks ago. What I want to share is how healthy Sophie was during her entire life which I attribute to your healthy breeding program. We had never had a dog before that was disease-free; the decision to let Sophie go was because of her advanced arthritis, no doubt due in part to her love of fetching tennis balls all her life! So I want to thank you for the incredible gift of our fun, smart, sweet, people-loving Sophie…she was such a blessing to our family.  If/when we choose to purchase another Labradoodle to join our family we will contact Gleneden Kennels!

Jamie Hershiser (8/14/18)



We picked Lucy out almost 14 years ago (Thanksgiving 2004). We came in looking for a golden, medium sized doodle, but we all fell in love and left with this adorable, little black puppy. We failed to look at the size of her paws! Anyway, the rest is history. Lucy is the best dog ever. We’ve enjoyed all the journeys and stages in her life. We are now in her golden years...she is deaf and the back legs can’t make it up too many steps, but we still enjoy our walks, trips to the beach, and serious games of tug o war (I haven’t won yet). We recently had the opportunity to drive across the country with her. She told us she had always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Can’t thank you enough for introducing her to our family.
The Camberns (5/26/18)



Hi Judy.  I just wanted to send you a picture of Boz (that’s what our daughter named her), with the toy she came home with.  She has many other toys and is doing great.  We absolutely adore her.  Thanks for helping us bring her into our family.

Renata Hesse (8/31/18)



Stella & Tucker

It’s been awhile since we have updated you on Stella (8yrs) and Tucker (7yrs). Both are doing extremely well, very active and healthy. We moved to Panama City Beach, FL a little over two years ago and both seem to be enjoying our new beach life. We introduced them to camping last October and they love it! 
They are absolutely awesome companions and we would never dream of getting a Doodle from any other breeder as long as you’re breeding. 

Heather Buchanan (6/17/18)



Bama & Bandit

The puppies are doing great! They have brought us a lot of joy, fun, and love!! Also Blossom is doing much better and the puppies have given her a new look on life and not grieving from not having Bob around! Think of you both often and we thank you for the brother and sister! They constantly play with each other and play every day with the sunflower toy you sent with them! Will keep you updated on their progress!!

Ck & Polly Rust (10/4/17)