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Yesterday, our beloved Roscoe was accepted into the Good Dog Foundation's second level (T2) therapy dog training course. We are so proud of him and want to share this recent photo of him at Rockaway Beach, NY.
Best, Jamie McShane   Sunnyside, NY

Ellie is doing wonderfully!!!!  5 months yesterday and weighs 21 lbs, she's 25 inches from nose to base of tail and when sitting she's about 22 inches.  Vaccinations are completed and spay surgery is set for 4/6.
Ellie loves learning new commands, riding in the car, taking walks in Annapolis, playing at the dog park and day camp and chasing after the ball in our yard!  She also enjoyed her first day at the spa and was a star pupil in class.  My favorite activity is snuggling with her on the sofa. ��  She brings a smile to everyone who meets her in person and by photo!  Ellie gets a lot of likes on fb!!!
Intermediate level training starts after she returns from Myrtle Beach with us late May with the goal of passing  the good canine citizen test by end of summer.  We hope to visit local college campus's and care facilities soon after.  She's a good stress reliever!
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring her into our family... she fills us with so much joy and is very loved!!
Enjoy the photos!
Best regards,
Carol Yorkgitis   Millersville, MD

Hi Judy,
Wanted to send along a Christmas time pic and a couple of others of our dog Reno, who is the most sweet and easy going dog imaginable.  He is a constant part of the family, a great traveler and friend!  The indoors pics were taken within the last few weeks, and the outdoors snow pic was from Jan 2016, just before Reno’s 1st birthday.
he was born Feb 3, 2015, and we picked him up on April 6, 2015.  He weighs about 35 pounds and while smaller than we expected, he is a very nice size.  I believe his parents were Rosebud and Valentino... i
Hope you and all the dogs are well this Christmas!
The Holders   Ashburn, VA
Just wanted to share how adorable our Glen Eden puppy has become. He will be two in October and is a very smart, sweet dog. He can't ride in cars very well due to car sickness but we deal with that. We love him and he is part of our family.
Thank you,
Julie Good

Dear Judy,
     I am emailing with a heavy heart.  Our Gleneden labradoodle Soot, who for 13 years was was the love of our life has gone to heaven.   
    At 13, he STILL acted like a 5 year old but in late summer he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma.   For 9 weeks I was a full time oncology "nurse" to our boy and he had an amazing quality of life, swimming, hiking, eating like crazy and knowing nothing but love. 
    He passed just before Christmas and I have been meaning to write and say THANK YOU for entrusting us with such an extraordinary furry child.   There will NEVER be another Soot.  He was truly one of a kind and touched so many people's lives. 
     I am sure you receive many similar emails so to give you some context,  Soot was born at Gleneden on 10/28/03  and we drove from CT to VA on January 2nd, 2004 to pick him up.   He split his time between CT and NY.   He loved life, dogs, cats, children, everyone  and was infamous for being a  "cheese thief". 
    He also became quite the "celebrity"  during my "run" at Phantom of the Opera  here in NY and was featured in many magazines, photo shoots, videos on Broadway.com, and in Mark Poveromo's Book TO MY DOG'S HEALTH.   But he NEVER got a big head!!!    He always remained a  happy "country" dog at heart and lived for rolling in the snow , chasing chipmunks, hikes in the woods and summer swims in the pool, lake and ocean.
   It has been 4 months now and while we are still in the midst of tremendous sadness and loss, I just had to reach out and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  That trip to Gleneden on January 2, 2004 changed our lives forever.  I will love and miss our Soot for the rest of my life.
     My best always,
         Hugh Panaro   New York

Dear Judy,
Thought you would like to see a picture of our Annie (2yrs) and Santa. She continues to light up my life in ways I could never have imagined.
Also attached is a short movie of my granddaughter also expressing her love for Annie!
Thank you for bringing such a wonderful addition to our lives.
Connie Gallagher
Clinton, CT
Hi Judy
Chaka is doing great growing fast and we are so happy we have her,
I did give my nieghbor Jen your info she is interested in a puppy ...
We love her so much and she is so so smart and beautiful we get so many compliments on her color and and pretty she is
Thank you
Denise Brasco
   Lincroft, NJ
Hi Judy,
Our Winston had his 1st birthday on Friday and I wanted to take a few minutes to give you an update on how wonderful he is!!  He weighs 31 pounds and has been quite healthy ever since we brought him home. I have attached some photos so you can see how handsome he is, and some photos that show a bit of his personality – they have to be sent in more than one email….I hope you enjoy them.
He passed both of his “Puppy Training” classes and his AKC training with flying colors.  He is so smart and eager to please.  We have been working with a “service dog” trainer since the fall.  Alicia his trainer tells me all the time “how smart he is.”  She’s very pleased with the progress Winston and I are making working together as a team and she feels that he may be able to test in approximately August.
Winston is a joy and he makes me laugh every single day.  He is gentle and loves to be snuggled and has a unique relationship with each of us in the house.  He also has a good amount of puppy mischief in him and definitely has moments when it is clear that he just can’t help himself when he has the chance to grab my pajama bottoms from the laundry basket and gallop down the hall with them.  He is a paper “thief” and given the opportunity will steal anything left within his reach, it is truly his weakness/vice.  We have backyard that is 2/3rds of an acre and he absolutely loves to race around in “his” yard and also to explore it, nose to the ground, quite thoroughly.
His extended family, my parents, siblings, and Michael’s mom all love him to pieces and ask about him whenever we talk on the phone.  He has visited my parent’s house a number of time and always behaves as a perfect gentleman while there.
Everyone calls him my shadow because he tends to follow me around, simply to know where I am.  He and I go together to my doctor appointments, to my daughter’s dance studio, the supermarket, and recently to the shopping mall (with the trainer).   My favorite times of any day are when he snuggles up next to me with his chin on my lap.  I can’t adequately express how happy Winston makes me. 
II wanted you to know how wonderful Winston is doing and how very much he is loved by everyone.
My very best always,
Nancy Gross   Burke, Virginia

Hi Judy,
Hope all is well.  Thought I would send you some updated pictures of our girls.  Oribi (formerly Lucy) is now almost 12 and Maizie is 2.  They are best friends and we just adore them.
Hope you are well,
Lindsay Friesen
Hi Judy, 
Last time we spoke, about a year and a half ago, Eddie was terribly sick, diagnosed with chronic auto-immune hepatitis.  I wanted to let you know that he is almost four now and doing REALLY well.  We love him so much.  Below is a photo of him.  I wanted you to see how gorgeous and adorable he is!
Happy New Year to you and all your pups!  All my best,
Best,  Jacqueline Jacovides  New York City
Dear Gleneden Labradoodle Family,
We wanted to send you an update on a dog that you placed with our family in 2015.
After months of email back & forth, we came to Gleneden in April of that year to bring Amber back to NJ as the newest member of our family. Our children (Oliver 10 yrs and Abigail 7 yrs at the time) had always wanted a puppy and had been given the surprise of their lives in a local park just up the road, some 10 minutes before arriving at Gleneden.
Amber settled quickly at home and, with lots of hugs and snuggles, quickly became the heartbeat of the house. Ollie and Abby were proud to show her off and smothered her with love and affection. Nothing has changed to this day. As you can see from the photos attached she is a much loved dog ! She is extremely affectionate and her tongue never stops giving "Amber kisses". She is, without a doubt, the children's best friend and they look forward to coming home from school every day to see her.
I'm sure it's tough to part with some of the puppies that you raise at Gleneden but we felt like she got the best possible start in life there and wanted to update you on how she is doing today. Not only is she a loving dog, she is protective and playful. She loves nothing more than chasing her favorite blue frisbee, finding a scent trail to follow or playing with her best friend, Clementine, a Gleneden golden doodle who lives in our town and is a member of the Pockriss family.
Anyway, we just wanted to let you know what a sweet dog you bred and what a hugely positive impact she has had on our whole family. She is doing extremely well, is happy, and is much loved !
Thanks again and Happy New Year to you all,
Jon, Sheri, Oliver, Abigail and Amber Peake  Glen Ridge, NJ

Hi Judy,
Just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying our time with our new puppy. It's been about 3 weeks now and it feels impossible to imagine life without him. We named him Justice and he is a goofy,  happy, energetic little pup!!
Thanks so much for all of your help!  Patrice Marshall

Hi Judy - Today is March 5 and our precious dog, Murphy, is 5!  We love him so and thank you for bringing him into the world.  - Angela, Brian and Michael Giancario   Alexandria , VA
Hello Judy/Anya,
Just wanted to let you know that Pepper continues to be a joy in our life. She's such a funny, sweet girl. Here is a picture of her getting ready for Thanksgiving this year with a fresh haircut.
Have a lovely day,  Emily Freiert   Pennsylvania
Dear doodle family,
My name is Beth Besen, and 14 years ago you sent us the love of our life – our beloved Buddy!
It’s hard to find the words to describe how much love, joy, breadth and depth Buddy brought to our family, but I simply cannot imagine the shape of our lives without our ginormous Bud!
He lived a long a wonderful life, and left us to romp forever in doodle heaven this past December, exactly 2 months shy of his 14th birthday...
Best regards and warmest wishes,
Beth Besen

Hey Judy!
Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our beloved Charlie! He was born on 11-12-15 and we just want to thank you for providing such a blessing in our lives!
Thank you!
Brittany Hart and James Zimmerman   Richmond, Virginia

Diesel and Molly are thoroughly enjoying each other:
This is a rare moment of rest, but they run, chase each other and play together indoors and out whenever they get the chance. 
We love her!  Thank you.
Emily Davies   Urbanna, VA
Dear Judy and Staff,
Our Goldendoodle Max, who was our beloved friend, companion, and member of our family for the past 10 ½ years left us today for his next adventures in another universe.  He finally lost his battle with an underlying medical condition that caused him to suffer from periodic epileptic seizures for the past 18 months.  With the help of medication, he fought hard to be himself throughout this time period, but in the end, which came quickly, he lost his battle.
Max was born on June 6, 2006, and his father was Sonny Brilliance, a poodle, and his mother was Tripple M. Mandy, a Golden Retriever­­.  When we first came to find a puppy at Gleneden, it was an easy process as Max chose my then eight-year-old son Bryce, as we were viewing the available puppies.  We have very fond memories of our times coming back to Gleneden for the Doodle Romps.
Max gave us 10 ½ years of unconditional loyalty and friendship and was like a brother to Bryce who is now a freshman in college.  Fortunately, Bryce was able to make it home to say goodbye before Max had to move on to a better place.  Max had an unbelievable warm disposition and was an optimist and never seemed to have a bad day.  Having him in our lives was a blessing.  He was a favorite in the neighborhood and a friend to many, especially the children.
Max was loved immensely, and although he will leave a big void in our lives, we have many fond memories and pictures that will ensure he always holds a special place in our hearts and minds.  We know that wherever his spirit has traveled to, he will be running free and waiting for us to join him in the future.
Thank you sincerely for the introducing Max into our lives!  While we are not ready at this point in time for another puppy, we will be back to see you at some point in the not too distant future.
Best Wishes,
John, Tracy, and Bryce Simpson    Alexandria, VA

Hi Judy,
I hope this email finds you doing well.
We adopted Zoe from you in October of 2009.  Her parents are Calvin Klein and American Beauty.  She was born in August 2009.
We just wanted to say hello and let you know how much we love Zoe!  She is our 2nd child.  And we get compliments on her where ever we go...
Catherine Snarr
Greensboro, NC
Hi Judy,
I just thought I would send you a picture of Stella at 15 months!
We love her so much..she is really sweet and funny and very energetic..
She’s a great runner and fetcher and sleeps in Annie’s bed every night..
Really sweet and devoted to all of us..as we are to her!  I hope all is going well for you at Gleneden..
Sally McNeela  Westport, CT
Jagger and Bowie keeping guard at the front door!!!!!Happy holidays all.......Chris Frye......Long Island,NY
Hi Judy- I believe the last time we spoke was when , my family and i were picking up our girl back in April of 2011. Ive included a couple pictures at the end of this email of her now.  she’s an absolute blessing for our family! ‘Brady’ was in the litter born on Jan 4th, had to have minor surgery to her right rear paw before we picked her up from you (you have sold many since then but I’m just trying to refresh your memory!). Shes a healthy 6 year old now and we may be in the market for a companion for her...   Hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards,
Brian and Amy Hover  Virginia
Judy --

I am sure you will not remember us, but a bit over 13 and a half years ago we purchased a first generation female labradoodle from Gleneden.   We named her Ginger.  She was a most wonderful dog, and grew up with our children as a member of the family (as you can see from the attached photo from a few years ago with my daughter, Julia).
Over the years we have recommended Gleneden to many of our friends, including Eric Grossman at Morgan Stanley, who now has two dogs.  They in turn have recommended you to many others.  So we have a network of friends and friends of friends who love their Gleneden Labradoodles!
The last few weeks have been very rough for us.   Ginger contracted pancreatitis at the beginning of the summer, and after some heroic measures at a wonderful animal hospital, actually was recovering.  Then, about two weeks ago, she went into kidney failure, and she died last week.  Our children (both now in their 20s) and we were devastated... Sincerest regards,  Donald Bernstein   New York City

As posted on Facebook) Forgive me for a bit of joy and happiness on this day, but 9/11 also marks the first birthday of my new “little” girl … from what you see on the left to what you see on the right in a year: nearly 45 lbs., cream and apricot coat, Betty Grable legs and Marilyn Monroe eyelashes … but most of all my fervent hope that, for many 9/11’s to come, Élan Herz will be on the front lines as a certified working CCPT therapy dog, making a difference in scores of lives … her calling as a pup born on 9/11. Happy birthday Élan, and many more!!
Steven Herz   Scotch Plains, NJ
Sue, David, and I had a great experience with your granddaughter today, very courteous, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. She reminded us of you on our last visits. CHARLY is working out out very well in his new home. Our kids and grandkids absolutely adore him and want to take him home...
Have A Great Day!
Dave Markel   York, PA


Hi Judy,
And today, Stanley turned 13!  We have found a weekly program of massage, water therapy and acupuncture has significantly improved his mobility from a year ago.  He still loves to play, give kisses and overall is a very happy boy.  Stella is now 5 and loves her brother fiercely, while finding new ways of getting into mischief.
Attached is a picture of the two of them.
Mark Gorman   San Francisco, CA


Hi Judy,
Hope this finds you extremely well.
We adopted our labradoodle, Benji, from you around 4 years ago - we were living in Florida at the time, we are now living in N.Y.
Benji is a more amazing dog than words can describe. We could try to put his awesomeness in to words but not sure we would succeed.
All the best,
Melissa and Paul Ross   New York

I just wanted to send you a couple of photos of my 4th son….Jackson. Jackson’s parent were Windyhill Simba and MT Joy Mandy. He is 7 years old now. He has gotten more Facebook likes on my husband’s law group page… Kalfus and Nachman than anything they have ever posted. He is a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer spokes celebrity. He continues to be one of life’s biggest joys.  We love him so much!!
With kind regards,
Dora Fitzgerald
Newport News, VA
Hi Judy- I believe the last time we spoke was when , my family and i were picking up our girl back in April of 2011. Ive included a couple pictures at the end of this email of her now.  she’s an absolute blessing for our family! ‘Brady’ was in the litter born on Jan 4th, had to have minor surgery to her right rear paw before we picked her up from you (you have sold many since then but I’m just trying to refresh your memory!). Shes a healthy 6 year old now and we may be in the market for a companion for her...
Best Regards,
Brian & Amy Hover   Virginia
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I have got a special golden doodle from you on March 5th, 2003 (Bailey) who was born on January 9th, 2003. She was a terrific addition to our family and my best friend and companion to me and to my daughter who has grown up with her. Unfortunately, we had to put her down last Friday due to cancer. I'm saddened at our loss and only wish I could keep her with me longer, but grateful that you gave us a blessing in Bailey as a member of our family.
Luckily, we also got Doodles in November 2003 (he was born March 6th, 2003) and is still by my side and a blessing also. Both dogs together gave me great joy. They are wonderful dogs.
Thank you for blessing our family with these wonderful golden doodles.
Garry Kohn  Ohio
Hi Judy.
Buckley will be 13 in November. I truly can't imagine life without him... Thank you so much for breeding these wonderful dogs. This photo of Buckley was taken ten days ago.
Julie Beaver Alexandria, VA
Hi  Judy,
Not sure how far your records go back, but thought I would reach out. I have one of your Doodles from 2002. He was born in August. I can’t remember if it was the 12th, 15th, or 18th. Since he’s going to be 14, I’d really like to have his bash on his day! You delivered him to me out on the Mass Turnpike in October of 2002.
Rene Ali
Plymouth MA
Thank you !
Judy and Anya,
Just a quick note to share a picture of our puppy Champ, who is closing in on 11 1/2 years. I can't imagine life without him and we are thinking of adding a puppy. Let me know if you have any line him who might be ready in May.
Josie Howard-Ruben   Park Ridge, Illinois




Judy and Ashten
Ethan and I picked up our little girl, Sadie, this past Friday and just wanted to send you a message to say thank you!  We could not have asked for a sweeter, cuter, smarter puppy!  She has been doing very well getting settled in and always likes to snuggle. She had her first vet visit today and she is a healthy puppy :) Below are some pictures of her snuggling and also playing!
Thanks again!
Ethan and Amanda Rutledge  Charleston, SC

Wanted to send you an updated photo of our mini labradoodle, Neo.  He was originally named Kimba and he wasn't selected as a puppy because he didn't have curly hair.  We picked him up from you when he was 4 months old. He is such a sweet pup and so well behaved, and fiercely loyal.  Not sure you would remember him but wanted you to see how handsome he has become. 
Thank you:)
Brandi Blaha   Manassas, VA
Good morning Judy.  Attached is a picture of our precious 4 month old Hudson.  It is hard to believe what a joy he is and how fast he has grown in the 2 months he has been a part of our family.  He is very smart, affectionate, and..yes a pup, but we know he will be a wonderful companion for us and even a future labradoodle.  He is enrolled in the local Nursing Home to visit the residents and bring some joy to their lives, as he has ours.
Best Regards
Bill & Cindy Loving
Franklin, WV

Just wanted to send you an updated photo of our wonderful little girl. Stella continues to bring love, humor and joy into our lives every minute. We can't imagine how we ever got along without her!
Thank you again for bringing her into our lives.
Ellen Marin   Reston, VA
Dear Judy,
It is with the utmost sadness that we tell you we put Foster to sleep yesterday. He was our 100 lb, 13 1/4 year old black Labradoodle from Gleneden.
The day we picked up this puppy from you was the happiest day; he was loved so much by everyone he met -- he was a big, gentle, sweet soul who will remain in our hearts forever.
I thought I'd let you know. He was amazingly healthy until the very end of his life.
We will cry for a few days and miss him forever.
I thought you might want to know.
With thanks for a very special guy,
Susan and John Seligman  Hastings on Hudson, NY

I'm attaching a picture of Brodi, who came from one of your litters in 2001. He doing amazingly well for his age. Now, I'd like to get him a companion...-I'm in Phoenix AZ. Would love to hear from you. Keep up the GREAT doodle making.
Kind regards,
Lisa Von Bargen   Phoenix, AZ
Hi. We love Tucker and he clearly loves us as demonstrated by his constant nipping and biting. Ugh! I sometimes can’t even take a step without him nipping at my heels, feet, etc. I am diligently saying “No” or “Eh-eh” in a stern tone and giving him a toy to chew on with the words “Tucker’s toy” but he insists on me over the toy. This is true of all members of the family, not just me. We are trying, trying, trying. Sometimes, we literally have to push him away which we hate to do. We also leave the kitchen and stand on the other side of the gate and turn our backs. Are there any other tricks of the trade you can suggest?
Tizzie Mantione  Ridgefield, CT

Dear Judy,
We hope you and your team at Gleneden are doing well.  As you can see from the pictures, Winston is growing up fast and is a very happy and sweet boy!  To say Winston has brought happiness to our lives would be an understatement.  Craig and I adore him and are thankful for his gentle, and loving demeanor.

He has taken well to training and is completely house trained.  He never quite got used to being in a crate and so spends his days playing with other dogs at doggie daycare.  The best part of our week are evening walks and long morning walks on the weekend.
Everyone in our neighborhood looks forward to seeing Winston and when we take him out in public we get nothing but complements on how well behaved he is for 6 months.  Don't get me wrong, he has his moments - he huffs and puffs like a little dragon when he doesn't get his way.  No shoe or baseball cap is safe in his presence.  His favorite game is "I have something you need, now chase me!"
With the exception of an ear infection he has been healthy and currently weighs about 40 pounds.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving we are thankful for you helping to bring Winston into our lives.
Bina Neumann   Tega Cay, SC
This is Betsy and Rick Rathe in New York.

We got Leo from you in May 2003 and Rufus May 2013 after we lost our little Maltese Charlie.
In the last two weeks we lost our 16 year old Bichon/Poodle Henry and just yesterday Leo passed away.
Needless to say we are devastated and Rufus is all alone.
We looking for another labradoodle, preferably very small as we travel a lot... Rufus is a mini and weighs about 35-40 Lbs.
Thanks, Rick Rathe   New York


We picked up Chloe right around Easter in 2007.She was born of Petunia and Fox Meadow’s Brilliant Star at Gleneden, but she quickly became an important part of the fabric of our family. We didn’t keep in touch, but wanted to let you know what an awesome dog she was. Sadly, she passed away on Friday 8/19/16 due to complications from cancer. She always had a smile on her face, a wagging tail, and was ready for a walk around the neighborhood to visit with all her friends.  She was our constant companion.  We are considering adding 2 doodles to our family next spring. Could you let me know what they cost now, when is a good time to get on the waiting list. Golden or Labradoodle is fine. We are thinking walking two that maybe a smaller doodle would be best (45 lbs). We would like girls. 
Thank you for giving us the best furry family member we could have ever asked for!  
The Matheu Family
Hi Judy- I meant to send you these back on Griffey's 1st birthday. He's doing so well. He weighs 45 lbs now. Everyone describes him as being a sweetheart (and also spring-loaded, he can JUMP!!). He loves playing with pretty much anyone or anything. He dutifully eats anything the kids don't want. He's still very mischievous. Always thinking about how to get what he wants (like the trash, the kids' toys, and toilet paper). If I hide something he takes it as a personal challenge to get to it ��
Lindsay Walsh   Fairfax, VA

Hi Judy,
This is Charlie {female} our gorgeous Labradoodle,  She is so wonderful, sweet and fun.  We are so happy to have her. She is 8 months.
We are the friends and neighbors of Helen and Faith in Bridgewater, CT.  We see Bitsy occasionally.  What great dogs!
Thank you!
Carroll and Mike Macdonald   Bridgewater, CT
Hello Judy:
Yesterday we said goodbye to our beloved Beignet at our vet office.  "Benny's" heart and spirit were as strong as ever but his arthritis was his nemesis.
We were blessed to have Benny for 15 1/2 years and we treasured every day.  Thank you for the gift of his life. 
Benny was a proud Virginian but the end of his life was spent in Western Colorado.  We thought you would enjoy this photo taken during a gorgeous sunrise.
Andrew and Ginny McBride   Western Colorado

Dear Judy and Anya,
Just touching base to let you know our DJ Shaman Jones - born Jan 26 2002 - celebrated his 14th birthday yesterday.  He was feted on Facebook with over 70 likes and well wishes, enjoyed a delicious egg/rice breakfast, some time out in the snow with his younger 9 year old english springer 'brother', and then opened his present - a 2 1/2 ' snake with 15 squeakers - one to grow on!  Needless to day, our DJ is one of a kind - and a beloved and cherished member of our family. Thank you GLENEDEN for breeding such a fine and a wonderful dog.
Dorry Bless, Howard & Orli Spierer
Milford, NJ
Hello Judy! Thought I would send you a picture of our beautiful puppy who turned 1 today!!!
Gina Celli   Williamsburg, VA

Honey is Ie Year Old! It's hard to believe that Honey will be a year old in a couple of days. (May 10)  She has brought so much joy to me!
...Peggy Gary   Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Apollo just celebrated his 6th Birthday on March 3rd.  He has been an amazing dog ever since day one.  Easy to train, great with our three boys and extremely handsome.  It has been fun to watch him and our oldest son grow up together, they truly have an unspoken bond.  Garrett will be leaving for LSU in the fall and it will certainly be a transition for all of us.  Fortunately the two little guys (7 & 4) will be here to help keep Apollo company.  We are grateful to you for breeding such awesome dogs.  Now if I can just convince my husband we need another one ;)
Thanks again,
Beth Ann Ramsey

Hello Judy and team!
We wanted to send an update about our 10 month old female, Labradoodle, Guinness! We happily adopted her this past fall (birthday 9/26/2015).

She loves living in NYC and enjoys trips to the suburbs and country side to run around. She is growing up to be a polite, brave, cuddly sweet girl, with strong opinions about playing tag and fetch. Her athleticism and speed means she often outruns the fastest pups at the dog park!
You can follow her adventures on @ladyguinness (Instagram).
Thank you for bringing her into our lives!
The Curtins   New York City
Hi Judy,
We hope you are doing well.
We wanted to send you a photo of our lovable 13 yr old labradoodle who we had to say goodbye to last week.   Misty arrived in Oct of 2002,  a frisky and adorable puppy, and was an amazing addition to our family all these years.  We have a daughter with special needs and Misty instinctively knew to be gentle around her and also her biggest protector.   Misty especially loved romping in the tide pools at the Cape with our two boys, she knew how to get the most out of a family vacation :). 
She will really be missed, thank you so very much for providing us with a family pet that provided us so much joy and love. 
Kathy Schoener
Southborough, MA

Molly born May 7, 2003 at Glen Eden, labradoodle.
Gracie born August 19, 2017 at Maryland Glen Eden, mini goldendoodle.
Since Molly has been the perfect pet beyond any expectations,  Gracie has a tough act to follow.  But Molly is teaching her.    Hope you are doing well.  Take care.
Janet Ward
Virginia Beach
We love our three year old Doodle!!
Susanne Clark   Arlington, Virginia
MAX is our 11 year old Gleneden Labradoodle meeting his new brother JAX our just shy of 9 week old Gleneden Cavachon. Love them both with all my heart������
Wendy Katzen   Potomac, MD

Hi Judy,
My husband (Jarrod Rainey) and I got Sophie from you in November of 2012 and she immediately transformed our lives.  I attached a picture of her out to brunch with us this past summer. 
She is so sweet, clever, goofy, energetic, and funny.  She makes us laugh every single day and she is a friend to everyone she meets.  We could not ask for a better companion!!!
I remember reading or hearing that you host reunions at your farm. We still live in DC still and would love to bring Sophie for a reunion.  Could you keep me posted on when your next reunion will be?
Thank you so much for our fuzzy bundle of joy!!  Happy holidays to you and your family.
Anastasia & Jarrod    Washington, DC
Judy and Ashten,
Thank you SO much for helping match us with this amazing dog. He is so sweet, playful and is a wonderful addition to our family already. We cannot thank you enough! We will be sure to send more photos as he grows. We thought this one of him sleeping with his toy was perfect.
Thank you again!
Morgan and Kyle Hamlin   Glen Allen, VA
 is Pater, big brother, teaching Oliver about the good life. We are so happy with both of our Gleneden boys!
Olga Bruning and Sabrina Raccuglio   Maryland


HereJust wanted to tell you that Baxter (labradoodle born 9/29/15) is doing great! He is now 15 weeks old, so smart and keeps us laughing all the time. He is a wonderful addition to our family.
Dick and Sue Harmon
York, PA
Hi Judy,
This cute little crazy barking Houdini escape artist dog of mine has passed her puppy class we are so excited for her she is funny!  Yay Harper!!
 Deborrah Ramirez  Connecticut
Dear Gleneden,
We have been blessed with two Labradoodles from you. Chaucer, born 1-7-04 to Dust of the Prairie ( female Chocolate Lab) and Fox Meadow's Brilliant Star (male Apricot Poodle), was an amazing companion to our family of five during the kids growing years and to the Abilene, TX community.  He was loved!!!  An excellent dog for our family and probably one of the first Labradoodles in West Texas. Unfortunately, we had to make a difficult decision yesterday to let Chaucer go. 
Zoe, born 11-10-07 to Gleneden Poinsetta (female Red Labradoodle) and Fox Meadow's Brilliant Star (male Apricot Poodle), misses her brother terribly and so do all of us.  She is different than Chaucer and has more of a crazy, fun personality.  She is very active for almost 9 years old.  She loves to try and catch frogs in the pool and is playful with anyone who comes to the door.  Chaucer was the protector of our castle.  We are not sure how Zoe will take on this role. 
Someday we hope to visit.  Someday, we may be ready for another beautiful puppy from Gleneden. Thank you for giving our family such wonderful dogs!!
Eric, Sue, Madison, Morgan and Bennett Schackmuth  Abilene, Texas

Hi Judy:
I just wanted to send you some pictures of our adorable Ellie Mae.  We visited Glen Eden on December 1, 2016 to look at puppies that would be available in January.   Ellie had been reserved but then her buyer could not take her so she was available.  We feel in love and took her home that day.  She is such a smart puppy!  House training was a breeze and she quickly learned to sit, stay, lay down, shake and stand up.  She is very playful and loves people!  She is doing great and our family adores her. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.  We look at your website often and I would not be surprised if you saw us again looking for a brother or sister for Ellie!
Greg and Leah Thorpe   Chesterfield, VA

We can't think of life without Winnie. Even though she pretends she isn't eating the garbage. She is so sweet, funny and loving. We are so blessed.
Ann Reen   New York City
Hi Judy
We are the Liberty-Hartley family from Sherborn, Mass.  We adopted a wonderful , 6 month old golden colored labradoodle, Benny,   from you over 11 years ago, whom your nephew drove up to Massachusetts for us.  His original name was “Taffy’s puppy”.   He has been the light of our and our children’ s lives.   He is a calm,somewhat timid 65 pound guy, has been quite healthy,  and has been able to stay at home for moderate stretches of time , but also still enjoys romping around our grassy, wooded property which is electronically fenced, and taking long walks and rides in the car  He has never been aggressive toward people or other animals and is not a destructive dog. 
We are thinking that it might be nice for him to have a younger companion at this point...
Tema Liberty Hartley   Sherborn, MA
t's with a broken heart I let you know that we said goodbye to Dude last night. He almost made 16 years old.
It seems like yesterday that we met you and brought our sweet boy home. You probably don't remember but he followed Tony everywhere walking on the lawn in front of your home and you said he would follow him everywhere forever. He did...I have never met a dog as wonderful as Dude....he was loved by so many people and was the kindest, funniest, smartest and sweetest dog God ever made.
Maggie laid by his side the last 24 hours and stayed right with him at the end.
He was a Gift....and we thank you.
Tony and Cheryl Garcia and Maggie  Haymarket, VA
Mark Duskey here again from Avon Lake, Ohio.
We wanted to ask about your Labradoodle puppy availability this spring.
Attached is our application.
We absolutely love our Bella that we picked up from your home over 13 years ago.  She has been a great family dog...
Best regards,
Mark Duskey  Avon Lake, Ohio
Hi Judy,  Thank you again for making it possible for us to adopt Fluffy.  She is a super smart puppy and we are so happy she has joined our family. 
 Sarah Miller   Leesburg, VA
 Hi Judy,
We were lucky back in 2001 to become the proud parents of a wonderful F1 Labradoodle that we dearly loved.  Peaches (otherwise known as the Wonder Dog) passed away just before her 14th birthday.   
I doubt that we could ever get a dog as intelligent as Peaches, but we figured if it were possible, it would come from your kennel.  I see from your website that you have puppies available.  
I have attached a couple of pictures of our Peaches. (That is her Frisbee on her head - she loved it!)
Kathy Marcum   Michigan
It is with great sadness to inform you that Munch passed away this evening. He suddenly collapsed at home and a couple hours later at the hospital, he just stopped breathing. We don't believe he suffered. Just this morning he was barking and wagging his tail.
Munch was 12. 
Thank you Judy and Anya for giving us our furry bundle of joy. We raised Munch from puppyhood to mature adult. Our hearts are broken, but we will never forget him. The next few weeks will be challenging.. We loved him so much as did all our friends and neighbors.
Hope he is reminising with his buddies in doggie heaven...
 Terry and Joel Hirsch   Israel
Happy first birthday, Teddy.Our lovely, sweet and somewhat unexpectedly mini (and happily) Labradoodle.
Todd and CV Unger  Montclair, NJ
Judy, just wanted to give you an update on our 2 wonderful labradoodles, Cooper and Jaxson are truly the best dogs, we loved Cooper so much we had to add Jaxson and we were not disappointed they are both wonderful boys!!!
Jodi Chunis   Pepperell, MA
Hi Judy and Ashten!  Just wanted to send you a quick update and photo I took today of Bentley with Cooper.  Bentley is doing great and has fit in well with our family.  He is super smart and has tons of energy.  My two sons think he is hysterical.  Cooper is such a wonderful dog and has been a great helper with Bentley.  We can't thank you enough for providing us with another wonderful Labradoodle! 
Melissa Clark  Coopersburg, PA
Guicci about a month before she passed. My silver girl.
I purchased a female Labradoodle from your kennel 15 years ago.  I'm sorry to say my Gucci passed away.  I am ready for a new relationship with a Labradoodle.  She was a standard size.  I'm getting older now so the smaller size would be preferable.  Thank you,
Michelle Langdon
 ...   David Vine
I have attached a picture of our beautiful labradoodle dog we adopted from you  almost 14 years ago.  We just had to put Archie to sleep and our whole family is devastated.  He was so fun and an awesome companion. . . I will never forget for months after my husband died Archie would get up into bed next to me and lay his big arm over my legs all night long.  Thank you for breeding such healthy dogs with great dispositions...I was so glad to see that you are still there.  I would love a new golden doodle or labradoodle for our family.
Carolyn Mark Crunkleton   Middletown, MD

Hi Judy,
I hope this email finds you well.  I have thought of writing you often over the years to tell you how much joy our sweet Berkeley has brought to our lives.  She is still with us, although slowing down significantly and recently diagnosed with kidney disease.  We feel so grateful every day for the many memories she has shared with us, three kids and fourteen years later she is still known as our first child.  There is no doubt in our minds that the best thing we ever did as newlyweds was purchase Berkeley from you, and we know that when the time comes for us to get another member of our family it will be from Gleneden again.  We will keep you posted on how much of a warrior she is, but while her nose is still wet, and her tail still wags, we wanted you to know how appreciative we are for the incredible blessing that started with you in Virginia!
 Lora Allison   San Juan Capistrano, California

Hi Judy! Here are some recent pictures of Griffey. I included 2 that are pre & post haircut. He was so poofy! At 6 months, Griffey weighs over 30 lbs. He is sweet, mischievous (oh so mischievous!), smart as a whip, and a wonderful addition to our family. Anything we want to do/anywhere we want to go, he's up for it. Thanks again for giving him to us!
Take care,
Lindsay Walsh   Fairfax, VA
Hi Judy,
Just wanted to share a few photos and tell you what joy Duncan has brought to our family. He is doing great. Just graduated from puppy kindergarten! He has doggy friends all around on our street too that he enjoys playing with. He loves sprinklers and water, toys and shoes!  My 81 year old father lives with us and Duncan has just given him a new lease on life. Duncan has a forever family here. Thank you for bringing this sweetie into our lives!!
Kathie Morgan    Pennsylvania
Hi Judy,
I can’t believe Dexter is one year old today!  He is such a love!  Here is a birthday pic!
Leslie Siegel   Pennsylvania
Here is our puppy Jaxson after his 1st haircut, he is such a handsome fun guy, we love him so much
Thank you such for another great Labradoodle
Jodi Chunis    Pepperell,MA
Judy - with love and appreciation, Benji and Bo Ross
 Melissa Ross   New York
Hi There!
Unfortunately our dog Lucy Belle passed away late Tuesday night at the age of 9 1/2 from a Hermangiocarcoma tumor. Though this was very sudden and we are absolutely heartbroken, I just wanted to thank you for the unbelievable blessing she was in our life! We got her when I was in the 4th grade and I am now a Freshman in college. She was by far the best dog either of my parents and I have ever had. She was incredibly smart, well mannered and so pretty. When we are ready, we will most definitely be getting another Gleneden Labradoodle. Lucy Belle was the best family dog we could have ever asked for. I know this news is sad, but I just wanted you to know how great she was! Thank you :)
Lacy Margaret Hurd   North Carolina
Hi Judy! 
I just wanted to let you know we are so happy to have Bella in our family!  She is such a happy, loving puppy.  My boys and all of us love her so much! 
Thank you for everything!  She is a wonderful edition to our family!!! 
Dana Manganelli   Upper Saddle River, NJ

Dear Judy and Ashten,
Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!
Rufus gained his AKC Canine Good Citizen status and will start 3rd level obedience in Jan.
Sincerely Rufus, Hendrika and Ed Case   Oxford, OH

Dear Judy Hahn, 
I got Culley from you about l2 ½  years ago.  I’ve never sent pictures of her or contacted you, but after being on your site and reading all the lovely comments I would like to share mine.   Like most owners I also thank
God and you for allowing such  a wonderful dog to be a part of our lives.  She puts a smile on our face every day.  She’s happy as long as she’s with us, and that’s ditto for us.  We love her dearly.  Thank you.
Judy Dunnington
Hi all
Tomorrow is Maizie's first birthday and I wanted to send you a pic. She is the BEST!
She's smart and funny and full of energy and we love her to pieces.
(Her parents are saffron and zac Posen)
Jennifer Draves, Gery Shemeld and Maizie doodle   Fairfax, Virginia
Judy, thought you’d enjoy this:
ANOTHER BIG DAY FOR MY LITTLE GIRL: The indelible impression left by my late chocolate teddy bear everywhere she worked is paying big dividends for Élan and me: Today, we accepted a standing invitation from Newmark Education co-founder Dr. Regina Peter and Principal Gina Borea to bring Élan to the school and meet the staff and some students. My not yet 4-month-old Doodle marched up the street and right to the front door (the school is several hundred yards from our front door) as if she knew where she was going ... we were greeted by Dr. Peter and her two older dogs, Bella and Biscuit (this is a VERY doggie friendly school), photo below, with whom Élan immediately bonded. To my surprise, Ms. Borea invited us to visit a class of pre-teen students (many of these kids are high functioning on the autism spectrum). My biggest and most pleasant surprise came when, after a little initial hesitancy, Élan worked the room like a therapy dog pro, never barking, visiting each student at his or her desk, and then executing a perfect "sit" and "down," which she just learned, while the animated youngsters threw questions at me and asked to pet her again. When we left, Dr. Peter told me to bring Élan by anytime to work on her training and continued socialization. And all because of the groundwork laid by my Koko girl! Good girl, Élan, good girl!!
Steven Herz   Scotch Plains, NJ
Parker turned 1 a few days ago and thought I'd share a picture with you.
Mark Goldstein   Maryland
Ellie is growing and changing almost daily! We love her craziness  and wild side!
Twink and Rocky Wayburn
Brentwood, TN


Hi Judy,

Happy national puppy day!

Lola is awesome! She's totally different than Ripley was- much more mischievous. But she's so soft and cuddly and snuggly. Here's a recent picture.

There's another dog at a local puppy kindergarten class who looks exactly like Lola. Are any of her littermates in New Jersey?

Melyssa Koffman   South Orange, NJ

I won't inundate you further with pics, just to say we are madly in love with Benji
Melissa Ross   Pound Ridge, NY 
A few pics of our precious Charley girl :)
Keely Hilton   Vienna, Virginia

I was just asked this evening where our dog, Cinnamon, came from. I gave them your name and website, and it prompted me to send you a quick note. We adopted Cinnamon from you 15 1/2 years ago - she will be 16 on December 21!! She has been a wonderful part of our family and I just wanted you to know that she is alive and well.  :)  She still pesters me every morning for her walk in the woods - and then sleeps until dinner time... We feel very blessed to have an almost 16 year old dog of her size who still seems to be enjoying life - despite the fact that she is deaf!! Thank you for bringing her into our life.
Carolyn Brook   Connecticut


Judy and Anya, 

Just a quick note to share a picture of our puppy Champ, who is closing in on 11 1/2 years. I can't imagine life without him and we are thinking of adding a puppy...

Josie Howard-Ruben





Hi Judy!
Just thought you'd like to see Hudson on his one year anniversary with his forever family :) we love him so much! Hope you are well.
Gina Celli Williamsburg, VA


 Hey Judy and Ashten!
Brittney and I just wanted to send updated pictures of Winnie. She is doing great! She is really, really energetic and incredibly smart. We have her sleeping in a crate at the foot of our bed and she sleeps through the night with the exception of when I wake up to take her outside. She's big into play biting, which we're working on but seems to be getting better as she grows up a bit. She is a very fast learner and learns commands really quickly. Took about 2 days for her to learn "sit."
We are really happy with her and although the Labrador in her makes her a little hard to handle sometimes, she is a really loving dog who really enjoys above all things falling asleep on top of us and going on long walks. I attached some updated pictures of her.
Garrett Calase  Charlottsville, VA




Judy, after nearly 11 years with our AMAZING Gleneden Labradoodle, our Abby passed away extremely suddenly.  She was the most loving dog we could ever have hoped for and was my wife’s faithful daily walking partner...
 Michael Cadematori   New Jersey

Hello Judy, I hope that all is well !
Our Flora, born at Gleneden on May 28 2011 and daughter of Oscar and Cookie continues to be the apple of our eyes. She is a wonderful dog, calm, smart, sensitive, obedient, endearing and was always very easy to train!
She has no trouble riding a car for a 12 hours trip up to our family’s lake house in Quebec and loves to swim.
At our local Washington dog park, on her first visit when she was a four month old puppy, she met Dexter, born on May 27 2011 at Gleneden and her half-brother Norman (his father is Oscar), born a little bit later in August. My sense is that Flora and Dexter were in close contact while they were pups at Gleneden because they have an unusual affinity, even for labradoodles. They work as a team when they are trying to boss other dogs around, but they are in general very playful. We have, of course, become friends with the owners of Dexter and Norman...
Regards, Dominique. Simard   Washington, DC
Hi Judy and Family,
Keith and I hope you are well. We are saddened to pass on some very sad news about our dear Ivy but felt that you should know because she has been so important in our lives. We picked up Ivy almost 9 years ago. I will never forget you asking me if I ever had a dog, and I said, "No but I have cats." You held our little Ivy in your lap, brushed her hair, and said, "Oh, this is very special." Well, you were correct. Ivy exceeded all expectations. She was the sweetest, cutest, and smartest dog. She filled our lives with joy and kept me company through out my very isolated days of writing a dissertation. She was also very gentle with our two cats.  Ivy had a wonderful life, and we thank you immensely for bringing her into the world and gifting her to us. Her favorite thing to do was swim in the ocean.. Everyone adored her from the dog walker, to the agility trainer, to the neighbors to strangers. She was a very sweet and gentle soul.
We found out last Saturday that Ivy had advanced pancreatic cancer. We had no idea, but the groomer noticed jaundice when we took her in for a haircut. She was still eating, walking and jumping on the bed. Well, we are sorry to say that things went downhill very quickly. We put her down last Sunday as she was clearly in a lot of pain. Our hearts were broken but we know it was the right thing to do. I am attaching a few pictures, so you can see how she grew over the years. She had a wonderful life and traveled with us everywhere from NYC to the beach to camping in the mountains. We miss her greatly and can't imagine ever having another pup as wonderful as she, but hopefully in time, we will be in a place where we can accept a new pet in our home.
We just wanted to thank you for Ivy as she brought so much love and joy in our home. She will always be our first dog and most special little princess.
Linda Krakaur  Tacoma Park, MD