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We are most proud of the "continuing" relationship with the animals we have bred, raised, and loved and the good folks who adopted them. By emails, letters, telephone calls, and return visits to our Virginia farm the extended "family" share their Doodle experiences, both the many joys and the occasional setbacks.
We reproduce here a sample of the more recent incoming emails to Gleneden. We hope you find the messages of interest; perhaps they will give you a feel for why folks all over America and beyond deeply love their Gleneden Doodles.
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Dear Judy,
I apologize that we have not updated you on our sweet Ellie Rose that we picked up from you on August 15, 2016.   She has turned out to be wonderful and beautiful in every way!  She has passed her first test towards becoming a certified Pet Therapy dog.   She is so much fun and a crazy girl!  You may recall we lost our beloved labradoodle, also from GlenEden,
suddenly last May and did not believe  we could ever love another dog again.  Ellie has totally won our hearts and healed them.  Her hair is gorgeous and everyone comments on it.  She only weighs around
36 , so she never reached her predicted 60 pounds.
I hope all is well with you and your family.
Twink  and Rocky  Wayburn   Brentwood, TN




 Hi Judy!!
GiGi is doing awesome and we are having a lot of fun. She started puppy playgroup this week because I return to work and she's having a blast and fitting in with all the pups. Below is a picture from Saturday, my best friend does photography and surprise me with the below picture. Thought that you would absolutely love it. And maybe want to put on the website she is too cute and has been such a joy thanks again hope all is well
Julie Waitt   Wakefield, MA




Hi Judy
Greetings from Heidelberg, Germany. Today it's Merle's 15th anniversary! She is our joy and pride. Maybe one of the first labradoodles in Germany. There are some labradoodle breeders in Germany meanwhile,  but they don't compare with yours! Beside a cataract and some deafness she is in good health and still running 

Susanne Stowitzki   Heidelberg, Germany




Hello Judy
Doodle turned 9 in January and continues to be a light in the lives of many as a Therapy dog.
He is part angel, part stubborn teenage boy!
A perfect mix...
I continue to feel blessed with my little Dood...
Rev. Sandra (sam) Morris   Toronto, Canada






I wanted to send you a recent photo of our two beautiful Gleneden Golden Doodles, Zoey and Rylee. Zoey (white) is going to be 5 years old and Rylee (black) is 3 years old. They are the love of our life!  The sweetest girls ever!!  Rylee was diagnosed with mega-esophagus soon after we adopted her but as you can see, she is doing very well and we cannot imagine life without her!
Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do!!
Jenni Pandak  Richmond, VA



I wanted to give you an update on how Rufus is doing. He is 7 months old as of yesterday.
He finished his 1st level obedience class and came 1st in his class. (a class of 10). Next week we start level 2.
He is smart, charming and cute as he can be.  I'm writing this to tell you how glad I am that we came to get our Rufus from you.
Sincerely,  Hendrika Case  Oxford, OH




Dear Judy,

 After a month of decline, our wonderful companion passed away this afternoon at our veterinarian’s office.  We believe she was a stunning 18 years and 9 months of age.  She did not die of any illness other than the infirmities of old age. 

 Virginia (and of course Harry) was a vital part of our lives.  She was with us when we were a full family, and saw each of our sons leave the nest.  They moved with us from New Jersey to North Carolina.  They gave us so much love, and we did our best to reciprocate. 

Our vet said she had been the oldest dog in the practice.  She was sweet till the end.  We are both stricken with grief.  But we know that the joy and happiness she gave us remains far stronger than the intense sadness we feel now.

Thank you for bringing these wonderful dogs into our lives.  We are forever grateful to have shared life’s journey with them.

With sadness,

Robert and Wanda Lovejoy   Sylva, NC






I wanted to share with you that we are celebrating  Wilson's  14th. Birthday  today.  Wilson became part of our family in June 2002 as a tiny seven week old puppy.  He is the most amazing boy and we love him so much.  I can't believe how 14 years have flown by. He brings us so much joy and even as a senior he still makes us laugh everday day with his antics.  We still walk everyday  and he is my constant  companion.  I could never have imagined on that day in June that I was bringing home a dog who would become a piece of my heart. I am curious if any of his litter mates are still living.  His mother was Trisha Marie and father was Sir Andre.  Thank you so much for good breeding practices that have allowed to still have such an amazing dog all these years.  Today we are celebrating  him and all he brings to us. Faye Fields  Middletown, DE



My wife and I purchased Tramp from your farm in 2001 and last Tuesday he went to his final resting place.  For the 14 years that we had him he always provided us with happiness and love.  He got a long great with all of our grandchildren from the first time he saw them as infants to the present day, our oldest is 9.  He would greet anyone who came to the door with a toy. 
He was an integral part of our family and was loved by all.  We were once told that he would act puppylike until he was 4, but they were so wrong, it was more like 8.  Even last week he would get excited when he saw his leash to go for a walk.
The picture that I attached is one of us waiting to go to training when Tramp was 5.  He did great, but we as owners did not do as well.  I think he was smarter than us. 
Thanks for all the memories.  

The McClellan Family



 Good Morning:
I wanted to send you a quick note and picture of our dog Sydney that we purchased from you. He is now 16 1/2 years old.
He has been a wonderful part of our family for all these years and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. Except
for cataracts and arthritis, he is a very healthy boy and his veterinarian is amazed at how good all his vitals are for a dog his age.
I have attached a picture of Sydney celebrating his 16th birthday back in August and with his favorite stuffed animal.
​Thank-you for being such a wonderful breeder and bringing us so much joy with Sydney.   Kerry Dore




Hi Judy,
Our darling Dixie who turned 14 yesterday.  We had a big birthday party for her and will be forever thankful for the best dog a family could ever hope for.  She still gets the newspaper every morning and helps with the mail and groceries, and mainly is just a wonderful part of our family.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The Morrissey family,
Pat, Gay, Kate, and Liz



We picked up “Rylie”  in early December to join our other two dogs from Gleneden:  Rosie (an old girl now but doing really well) and Dylan (a middle-age, athletic, jumping machine). Rylie is extremely smart and has fit into our family well.
Here is a pic you might enjoy.
Thanks!!!! We love our dogs!!!!!

Richard Holt   Bryn Mawr, PA




 Hi Judy & Ashten,

Baci has already become a loved member  of our family. Today she meant Mark's 100 yr old Dad.  He will be 101 on Sept 20th :) He sang How Much is That Doggie in the Window to her. As you said she is a doll.
Marcy Feeney   Baltimore, MD




Arlo comes with us everywhere!! Thanks again for such a sweet dog!
The Penningtons   Boone, North Carolina




Hi Judy-
Our family adopted a puppy from your farm on January 7, 2012 and we have loved her everyday since

Kim Roberts   Fairfax, VA



Hi Judy, I have been wanting to write you for the beautiful ten long years we have had our beloved Daisy!  She is the best dog a family could ask for!  She has been with us through our wedding, three moves, the welcoming of our two children, and numerous family trips to Maine where she swims her heart out!  She has been an off the cuff hospital therapy dog, at one point getting a special pass to visit our daughter, Annabelle, who has some lung problems, in the hospital.  Full of love, positive energy, and loyalty, she seems to know exactly what her humans need.  She is starting to show signs of slowing down(she is 10.5!!) and it saddens us greatly to think of our lives without her....so as I was reflecting on where she came from tonight, I thought I would share this great shot of her with our daughter, Annabelle. 
Have a great day, Molly King   Fairfield, CT




Hi Judy,
Today is Sydney's 13th birthday! Can't believe she is a teenager. Still quite healthy and active. Our vet, and everyone else, can't believe what good shape she is in for her age. She still wants to run and play and retrieve the ball. We know she gets a little stiff after running hard so it is our job to stop when we feel she has had enough. She is still friendly loves the kids, the cat and of course us. Hope you have a nice Christmas and a very happy new year.
Chuck and Diane Henderson
Henrietta, New York



Thought you might enjoy a birthday photo.  It is amazing how much TJ has grown and what a delight he is.  I will say that he is wicked smart, but that is a big part of his charm.
Phil Stevens   Purcellville, VA




Hi, Judy!
I just wanted to share a recent photo of Ollie,  now 5 months old! He is just wonderfully loving and playful and has been the best addition to our family. We just adore his personality and are told regularly how beautiful he is, even by complete strangers on the street. We're so fortunate to have him!
Hope you and your doodles are well.
Emma Kieran   Pittsburgh, PA




Hi.  We are loving our boy.  He is named Marco because he loves to explore everywhere...

Lisa Capps   Severna Park, MD





Hey Judy and Ashten! Lloyd is settling into his new home. My two boys are just smitten over him. Just wanted to share a few photos. He is getting a ron of love.

Thanks! The Hicks Family   Andover, MA





Attached is a photo of Bella. She will be 11 years old in May 2016 but she is still very playful! She is very smart and loves people.
The Burns Family   Indiana




 Docker will be 11 years old in May.  He was the purple puppy from the litter on the left.  We still don't know which one of these pups is him.  But he's going strong and still as handsome as ever. He's the bright star in our family.  We'll be forever grateful for our Glen Eden chocolate mini doodle.
The Schoen Family
Millersville, Maryland 



Here is our girl at 6 -1/2 months .   She is definitely  an alpha  dog!  She is so loved!  She is a holy terror and can't be trusted .   She gets into so much trouble every day.  she stands up to the counters and tables.  She will be a lot harder to train and to teach respect.  She has a very strong personality.  Maggie was submissive and so good ..she just wanted to bless us .   Ellie wants what she wants when she wants it!  She did graduate from basic obedience 2 weeks ago.  In January she will start private training once a week.
We truly love her and would not be celebrating  Christmas this year if we did not have her.  She has brought joy to our house  once again.
We still grieve a lot for Maggie . ..Christmas was so special with her in our lives.  It has been 7 months and I still miss her terribly and cry for her.  She was the most wonderful and special pet we have ever had.  We just can't get over losing her.
We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.  We hope you and your family will have a healthy 2017.
Best wishes,
Twink  and Rocky Wayburn  Brentwood, TN




Merry Christmas. Renzo will be 11 on January 23rd and Sammy was 2 on November 28th.  Sammy is way bigger then his parents. He is a solid 42 pounds. He is very very affectionate and keeps Renzo moving.

Take care, Debre Julin   North Andover, MA




Thought we would update you with our little bundle of joy.  Our little girl, Charlie, is a great pup, very smart, well mannered, and a ball of energy at times... 

Thanks, Mike Smale    Coopersburg, PA



Just wanted to let you know Marley went to the vet last week and got his immunizations and his check up! Everything is great! He is such a sweet boy! He is starting to enjoy his walks, although at first he was a little nervous walking far from the house. ��He is doing amazing at his house and crate training and we are just in love with him. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year! Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family!
Kelly White  Blacksburg, VA



Hi Judy.
Sugar is doing well, and we loved having her at Christmas on the morning when Santa brought her lots of goodies. I've attached some pictures. Thank you so much for trusting us to give her a good home. Woody loves her too!
Diana and Will Ricker   Westminister, MD



Just wanted to let you know that Lucy passed away this evening. She had 12 great years with our family and her "brother" Pablo and she died in the arms of all our family members tonight! You cannot imagine how much she was loved by us!
Thank you so much that you sent her to us 12 years ago - I think she was your first puppie you shipped to Germany and Pablo was the second!
Regards from the very grateful Hofmann-family.













Hi Judy,
Thought I'd tell you how Beau Is progressing. Beau is so different from 'Foster' Lager. There are some similarities of course but his personality is his truly own. He's so cute, turns heads consistently - everyone wants to pet him and ask his breed (looks a lot like my parent's Old English Sheepdog!), in the terrible twos, yet just pushing seven months and makes us laugh all the time. He's a big baby at 50 lbs already! And he's a kleptomaniac -- can't help himself if someone leaves a shoe or a slipper around., too bad for them. He's  also very loving.
What a terrific puppy.
Warm regards,

Susan, John Seligman   Hatings On Hudson, NY
Our Buddy was born at Gleneden in December 2004.  He has been an amazing family member for over 12 years now.  He has started to slow down, but he is still a vibrant, happy, friendly dog.  Thank you for providing our family with one of our greatest blessings.
The Baxter Family

Hi guys,
My name is Steve Ross..  I bought Bailey from you 12 years ago and he is still going strong..  
He is such a big part of our family and even though he’s slowing down considerably we can’t imagine life without him..
I am emailing you a picture of Bailey with my 4 sons from 2005 (which you posted on your website) and one taken today..
...Always grateful for giving us Bailey!!
Steve Ross  New York

Good evening Judy.  Here are some pictures of sugar who did a great job getting groomed today.  We love her and she is making a fantastic addition to our family!!!!
 Diana Ricker   Westminster, MD


Hi Judy,
How are you? We got Fuzzy last July from you and he is doing great. He will be turning a year old this month and we are all set for the celebration.
He is a joy to have as part of our family and acts a bit naughty which is pretty adorable :-)
We heard about the doodle day you have every year, was wondering when would it be this year. We would love to bring him over when that happens.
Seema Nagpal   Ashburn, VA

Hello Judy,
Here are a few pictures of our goldendoodle, Bailey, who is now almost 3 yrs old. She is such a sweet, affectionate member of our family. As you can see, she's always right in the mix with things!
Bethesda, MD
Hi Judy
We are the Dorsey family. We purchased a Labradoodle puppy, Sunny in December, 2010. She has a red coat. Miraculously, my husband has no allergies with Sunny. I believe her dam was a Labradoodle and her sire was a Poodle. Recently, we have been temporarily caring for a family members dog and can see how much Sunny enjoys the company. Beau is leaving soon and we would like to purchase another female Labradoodle.Thank you sincerely,
Lesley Dorsey   Frederick County, MD
Hi Judy, Here’s Beau in all his glory. He’s acclimated to life up here in the Northeast very well. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. We live in a loft where there are 25 apartments, many kids and many dogs. Do I need to tell you who’s the cutest of them all-don’t think so! I remember writing to you because he wasn’t eating well. He now would eat the ranch if we let him. Everyday is another special one with Beau. He keeps us on our toes and laughing like crazy. He’s our second amazing Labradoodle from Gleneden and we’re very grateful for your special pups.
Warm regards, Susan, John and Beau Seligman   Hastings on Hudson, NY
Bentley (18 month old son of Zach and Saffron) as he appeared on our Christmas card this year. We are so very happy with this sweet 24lbs guy. He is a winner. Thank you!
Anna Storey

Judy, we absolutely love our new puppy, he is such an adorable playful little guy.
Thank you again for another wonderful gleneden labradoodle.
Jodi Chunis   Pepperell, MA
Dear Judy,
On January 3, 2004, we picked up our labradoodle puppy from Glen Eden and I wanted to share with you the sad news that his magnificent journey of fun and love ended on March 25, 2017. I have not been able to write you sooner since the pain of his loss has been overwhelming. We nursed him homeopathically for the last several years through degenerative myelopathy, which he compensated for so bravely, but in the end, he had pancreatic cancer that took him within a very quick and sad week. Every minute of every day, he brought us joy words cannot express -- his absence, in direct proportion, is painful beyond description.
From the moment we put him in the minivan, he became a member of our family and the ‘furry brother,’ as our boys were upset at the thought of separating him from his parents and siblings. Within an hour of leaving Glen Eden, he was named Comet, which proved prophetic since he had the ability to speed through the house at the speed of, well, a comet. He was a loyal and loving companion, a little shadow really, right by our sides all these years, missing nothing and in the middle of everything. He was so smart, endlessly entertaining, and just beautiful. We were sure to never really go on vacations because we didn’t want him in a kennel or to be away from him. He was with our sons, growing up together, and he taught them caring and compassion.
While we will hopefully adopt another Glen Eden doodle someday, we will never have another Comet in our lives.  We cannot thank you enough for giving us such a joyful creature for all these years. I’ve attached my favorite picture of him, so expressive and communicative.
Our heartfelt gratitude,
Barbara, Donald, Thomas and Kyle Martis
Garden City, NY
Hi Judy,

I hope you are doing well.
Dewey our goldendoodle is 9 months old now. We love him very much. I just wanted to send you an updated picture and to thank you again.
Hannah Bentz  Shrewsbury, PA
You probably don't remember us, but we had to send you these pictures of our beautiful babies.  I got Jake in December, 2011 and Kevin picked up Iris in April of last year. They have been a joy to us from day One.
Both are your puppies and both were trained by David Lynders, who now counts Gleneden as the only breeder he recommends.
We were married last Saturday at Hillbrook Inn in Charles Town, WV, and we just couldn't leave them at home. So we made them part of the ceremony.  They looked beautiful and behaved perfectly.
Just wanted to pass along these pictures and let you know that your puppies are an extremely loved (and spoiled) part of our family.
Laura and Kevin Schmiegel   Arlington, VA
I just wanted to send some pictures of Brodie growing up. He's a wonderful dog who loves car rides and playing outside.
I'm so thankful for this little guy, he brightens my day! I was just curious as to what generation he is considered, his mom is sweet pea and dad Calvin Klein. Let me know and thanks for this little guy!
Jessica Parmelee   Rochester, NY

Judy,  Just wanted to give you an update on Marley! He is adjusting so well! He slept through the night with no accidents and has already mastered "sit" and "down" with his clicker training! The kids just absolutely love him, my daughter started crying when she saw him, she was so happy. ��Thank you so much for such a great puppy,
Kelly White   Blacksburg, VA


It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken. We picked up Juneau from Glen Eden the day after Christmas in 2000. She passed away today just short of 15 1/2 years old.
Juneau was a great dog and companion – and taking three normal walks a day until two days ago. I guess we all hope that our lives are active up until the end.
We were never good about writing, sending pictures or attending doodle reunions but we couldn’t have been happier with her personality and demeanor – and we also mentioned Glen Eagle when anyone asked where she was from.
This is of course a difficult day and I’m sure there will be many. But we also know as this doodle changed our lives, we’ll be contacting you in the near future about a new puppy or even not quite a puppy.
Again, thank you for providing us with such a wonderful dog.
Bill Levine & Barb Simmons
Wilmington DE
About 10 years ago, I adopted one of your labradoodle puppies. That sweet boy saved me. Sadly, he passed away a few months ago and was so loved by our town, the following article was published in our local paper:
I am once again interested in adopting another of your puppies. I know Stroodle can’t be replaced, but, my home has enough love for an addition to our lives...
Thank You,
Bob Licata   Pittston, PA
Dear Judy and staff,
We purchased our dear Buddy from you in January 2004 when he was 10 weeks old and he then traveled to Seattle, Washington on Alaska Air by himself!
I'm sorry to report Buddy passed away last week due to cancer at nearly 13.  He was sturdy, growing to be about 80 pounds, and was healthy until the last few months of his life.More significantly,he was a gentle and faithful companion who was an important  member of our family.
Thank you for matching him with us. We will always consider him the best dog in the whole wide world!
Michelle Burton
Hi Judy!
We adore this girl. She just graduated puppy k and is going to puppy 1st grade. We are using the positive training approach that you recommended (forgot the name of the book)...
 Brett Kluetz   Kensington, MD
Hi Judy:

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Our family is so thankful that we have Ellie in as a family member now and enjoyed our first Thanksgiving with her.  She was a year old on September 22nd and she is such a blessing to all of us. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her and comments on what a beautiful dog she is.  She has been very busy lately.  She loves to go on car rides and went with my husband last week to pick up our son at V.M.I.  She is so gorgeous that people are even smiling and waving at her while my husband is driving down the interstate!  The next day she ran in a 1K Canine Fun Run to benefit one of our local High Schools Cross Country team.  She did great being around so many new people and dogs!  She came in fourth place.....my son said she did not like being behind the other dogs ��.   The night after her race she was sitting on the sofa with me and we were "talking" about her eventful day and judging from the look on her face I really think she understood. 

Thank you again for Ellie and we hope you have a blessed Christmas!

Greg, Leah, Jason, & Ryan Thorpe
Chesterfield Virginia


Hi Judy,
It's Michelle Whalen.  I purchased a f1b labradoodle from you on May 31. 2005.  Mom was Petunia and dad was Fox Meadow's Brilliant Star.  Lily was the best dog! So sweet and loved everyone and she was absolutely gorgeous!!!  She had begun slowing down and not eating much over the past year, the vets suspected cancer.   she did well up until the very end.  We weren't ready at all but the vet told us she was ready.  :(   She  passed away this spring at almost 11 years old.  We miss her so much. 
We also purchased a Cavachon from you July 2009.  Sire Gleneden Showboat and Dam Clover Dudley Di Airy.  His name is Bandit and he's my baby!  He is also the best dog!  We love him to pieces but he misses Lily, our doodle. 
Here's a picture of Lily, Labradoodle and Bandit, Cavachon after our walk around the pond and of course into the pond. are contemplating getting another dog,...
Thank you,
Michelle Whalen   Pennsylvania

Hi Judy,
Buckley turned 13 on November 18, 2016. Here's a photo from the party I threw for him. He's playing tug of war with his golden doodle friend, Lucy. You'd never know Bux is 13. I love him so much and cherish every day I have with him. Thank you for everything you do for this wonderful breed.
All best,
Julie Beaver
Alexandria, VA
I wanted to let you know that we had to put our beloved Biscuit down last Thursday. He was born 3/3/06. Parents were Magnolia and court Jester. He had a tumor on his heart, I didn't know if you documented any issues for breeding purposes.
I also wanted to tell you how wonderful Biscuit was and how lucky we were to have him in our lives. We are all heartbroken. The entire neighborhood loved him. Kids that were afraid of dogs were not afraid of him because of his gentle personality. He was the absolute best dog/friend anyone could have.
Thank you for doing such an amazing job with your puppies when we are ready for a new family member we will be in touch.
Mary Kay Pillart
Dear Amy & Judy...
Our Goldendoodle, Tramp is approaching his 15th birthday so I thought I'd reach out with some pictures and info.  His age is noted in each picture file name.
Since you've had quite a few doodles over the years...here's the short story:  Tramp was bread at Glen Eden and we got him at Fox Creek.  His birthday is 7/13/02.  Dad was "Sir Andrea of Logan" and Mom was "Sandy London".
We lived in CT for his first 14 years and then retired and moved to Tucson, AZ.  Tramp has been a healthy, happy dog for his long life and has adapted to being a desert dog.
The only issues have been some minor, intermittent eye issues.  He's been on Solid Gold Hund-n-flocken for almost his entire adult life. He had a few intermittent issues with arthritis between age 10 and 14 but a day or two of Deramaxx solved the problem.
About a year ago at age 14 he really started slowing down and the arthritis is pretty significant.  At that time he stopped jumping into the backseat of the car.  He's now on Meloxicam daily.  It's flared up significantly twice recently but a day of Tramadol solves that.  The eyesight and hearing aren't what they used to be and there's a day here and there when we need to help him stand but he's still excited about going for a walk...a very short walk and he still has the best bladder in the house.
Quite simply....he's a good old dog!!!  And we want to thank you for all you do to breed happy, healthy dogs with incredible longevity. 
If there's anything else we can tell you just write. 
Bob, Jere & Joshua Moskovitz ( oh yea...Josh was 4 when we picked up Tramp and is now a 19 year old college student)
Tucson, AZ







Good morning,
As one year approaches, we had to catch up to let you know how happy we are with Charlie, she is extremely smart, quick and a great leaper.  She loves to chase her frisbee and ball, or anything else you will throw. Thank you. Our kids were wondering, can we get a picture of her parents, Hazel, Valentino or any of her siblings. Thanks again.
Michael Smale   Allentown, PA
Hi Judy,
My parents just brought home a beautiful black mid-size puppy from you on Monday. Back in August 2006, I also had purchased a chocolate F1B labradoodle from you. His name was Murphy and I had ten wonderful years with him. He passed away a few weeks ago and I miss him terribly. He was wonderful - I attached a few pictures of him...  He was standard - weighing in at about 70 lbs! Probably one of the biggest labradoodles I've ever seen and he had a gorgeous chocolate coat that lightened to a really unique chocolate/grey coloring over the years. We couldn't go out without a bunch of people stopping us to find out what kind of dog he was! He was like a rock star. And his personality was fun, sweet, playful...all that you'd want in a dog. I adored him!...
Gina Lascano   Virginia
Hi Judy,

Below is my Facebook post for my little girl Élan as she marked 18 months of life today (March 11). As stated, I love her more with each passing day, but she still tries my patience. Just a tad over 40 lbs., she’s must smaller than my Koko, but more athletic and has an endless reservoir of energy. After our 10-day separation last month, she seems to finally be “getting it” in terms of some focus and discipline, so I may take her for the therapy dog evaluation in a few months. After sitting on the sidelines for what will be 2 and a half years, my goal is to certify Élan so we can start out in September at some of Koko’s favorite schools and go from there. I’ve invested a great deal of time and energy to train this little girl and have to be confident it will pay off.
By the way, at her doggie day care date Thursday at the luxury dog hotel where she stayed while I was away, the staff told me they had never seen so many Doodles (golden and Labra) romping together. They’re everywhere these days, and I always ask the owners where they came from, hoping to hear “Gleneden.”
Enjoy spring, when it comes, and I’ll keep you posted on Élan’s progress.
Steven Herz.  Scotch Plains, NJ
Hi Judy and Ashton,

Our little guy is doing great!  We named him Grizzly Bear... e sleeps good- stops crying after about 2 minutes except when my kids come in the middle of the night and wake him up. They are worse than him!  We love him so much and our 12 year old teacup poodle is fine with him. Here are some pictures!   Julie Ganouski   Kingsville, MD
Judy,   We haven’t been in touch with you since we purchased Gabe nearly 14 years ago.  Born 8/8/03.  If I read the papers correctly,
parents were Star and Mandy.  You know how when you have a second child, you wonder if you will ever love him/her as much as
the first?  We’d had a golden retriever who lived to 15 and we were over the moon for her.  Then we brought Gabe home and fell
in love all over again.  Amazing.  I’m attaching a photo.
We lost him in June of this year, and are still so very sad.  Our vet said it all in her condolence note:  “A big, beautiful soul.  A fantastical
beast.  A good dog.”  My family could never have imagined what a touchstone our beloved doodle would be.
We had contemplated getting a doodle brother or sister for Gabe, but toward the end of his life he could never have really romped
with a little one.  So we are slowly, slowly thinking about a puppy.  I watch your website, and plan to reach out again when we’re not
quite so heartbroken.  Reading the emails from other families is so affirming.  Your doodles live such long, happy lives.
Hope this finds you well.  We gave this doggie a wonderful life and hope to give another the same.  We’re so grateful to have found
Best – Edie Magnus and Bob Mayer

Sweet Pea's Boy:
Hi Judy, Thank you so much for Jax!   He's doing fantastic and is an amazing addition to our family.
Lisa Southren  Morristown, NJ

Hi Judy,
Here is our labradoodle, Manny.
He is 8 years old today!
He is still full of life and loves playing with everyone in our family. He is so friendly and loving 
every day. Our son enjoys playing catch with him.
Thanks so much for giving us such a great dog!
Drucker family
Washington Crossing, PA


 Benji and Bo!
We are forever grateful to you,
The Ross family   Pound Ridge, NY

Hi Judy and all at the Doodle House,
Just wanted to let you know that Tammie is growing very fast and is a beautiful little girl. She's very energetic but also very smart so she is learning fast.
We are so thrilled with her and I'm sure she will be as wonderful as Yankee was. Thank you so much for our wonderful dog.
Pat Millman   Charleston, SC
Hello Judy wanted to show off our beautiful puppy HUDSON; he will be six months old on August 10; he is incredibly smart and loving; very protective of our family. Thank you for sending him into our lives!
Gina Celli   Williamsburg, Virginia

Best Dog Ever
Jack was born in your June 25, 2002 litter.  (I think Babe was his Mom)
He passed away at home with his entire family around him 2 days ago.
He did life with  me for 13 years, everything….over 20 of my kids friends now in college, and home for Spring Break came to say goodbye to him.  He was the mayor of the street, Mayor of a gym we own, and the best friend I ever had.
My 3 college kids grew up with him, he saw over 100 baseball games, hiked trails, walked beaches, ate ice cream and hotdogs, had a 5th Birthday party with 20 friends with never one health issue.
Thank you.
God Speed.
Ruth Dean
Reston, Virginia
 Happy Easter Judy!
 Carol Yorkgihs   Millersville, MD
Hi Judy.  Last we emailed, my beautiful Bailey (born 2/22/05 to Brandy and Simba) was very ill with cancer.  We said goodbye to him on September 13.  Not a day goes by when I don't miss his gentle sweet soul.  And my 2 year old daughter still points out every dog on the street that looks like him and remarks on the many photos of Bailey we have around the house.  Bailey was a remarkable dog in every way - friendly, unflappable and loyal to the very end; he never ever left our sides.  On his last day, my vet told me that Bailey was a once in a lifetime dog that most people never even get.  I am beyond grateful to you and your family for breeding him, caring for him and gifting him to me...
Lynn Bayard   New York 

 Hi Judy and everyone at Gleneden!  Our family picked up our mini labradoodle on Dec. 27th at 10am.  We named her Winnie after Winchester VA (where we stayed night prior) and Winnie the Pooh.  She definitely looks like a little teddy bear and she has such a loving demeanor.  
She has been a wonderful puppy.  Sleeps from about 10:30pm-6am.    She's healthy and very smart.  We've given your information to 3 different families that have inquired.  
We are so happy with Winnie!
Julie Albers   Glen Ridge, NJ
Hello Judy,
Twelve years ago we adopted our Blue from you, and he has been such a joy to our family.  Sweet, smart, athletic, loyal, mischevious.  He was everything you could hope for in a dog.  He was my first baby, and best friend to our son.  Sadly we lost Blue to liver and spleen cancer last year at 11, almost 12.  We needed some time to recover from his loss, but know that our family needs a new furry friend to be complete!  So, we’d love to start the adoption process with you again.
 I attach a few pictures of Blue (including the original one you sent us when he was a puppy!), and also his original pedigree from our adoption...
 Best - Allison Ryan   Atlanta, GA

Hi Judy,
I thought I would write and let you know how Tillie and I are doing.  Tillie is the light of my life, she fills my heart   with so much happiness, and keeps a smile on my face all the time she is an absolute joy!  Even when she is bad she makes me laugh.
We are going to obedience class and she is so smart it only takes one time and she has the command set in her mind, then we just practice and make sure she doesn't forget.
She is up to 26.4 pounds and has just recovered from being spayed.  She is very healthy and extremely happy.  She loves to play catch and retrieve her tennis ball.
Traveling is one of her favorite things (thank goodness) we do a lot of that. She has now gotten too big for me to carry on the plane with me so her flying days have been cut short but that is okay, car traveling is the choice of travel anyway.
I am so glad that you kept me in your mind as that someone "Special" for Tillie because she is definitely "Special" to me.  
I am enclosing a few pictures of her and some of her antics I hope you enjoy.

Sincerely and with great appreciate for allowing me to add such a special fur baby to my life.
Bonnie Jacobson and Tillie   Wesley Chapel, FL












My husband and I bought a medium size Goldendoodle from you in 2/2014. She was born from a litter on 11/26/13.
We named her Bella. She has become such a great joy to our family. She loves to go everywhere with us in the car. She absolutely loves our swimming pool and is constantly swimming and jumping for balls. You had told us that the litter she came from was a very smart litter. I believe the story you told us was you were upstairs in the office in your barn and you never had a litter of puppies follow you up there at that age. She is a very smart girl!!
My husband worked with her and trained her and she has become a licensed therapy dog. He takes her to neighboring we have an assisted living facilities. They absolutely adore her. She provides a great deal of comfort to those individuals. She has also become a constant "customer" at our local Lowes ;D
Thank you for bringing such amazing dogs into this world!
Lorrie Villani   Fredericksburg, VA



...I'm writing to update you on Ginger. She's 14 and still roams free at the lake up to one or 2 miles from our house every day. The lake is high so she isn't on the dock, but she is wading up to her neck and  enjoying every minute of it. Her eyesight isn't like it used to be, but she is her same friendly self. The kids are grown -- one is married and one is at college-- but the doodles chug on. With the exception of one bout of pancreatitis, Ginger has never been sick a day in her life.   Ginger Peterson    MO




Hi Judy-It is hard to believe that it has been 4 years since Lucy has joined our family. You can see that she is now healthy and always happy. She is very smart-understands  2 languages. She is also very intuitive and loving. We can't imagine our world without our bundle of furry joy. She goes by Lucy but many call her Goose or Goosey and she responds to both...e
We are thinking of adding a brother for Lucy--perhaps a goldendoodle. We would love to come for a visit.
Thanks - Sara Mark   Wasington, DC




Dear Judy,
I can't believe it but my boy George just celebrated his 12th birthday.  He
remains the most handsome, lovable goldendoodle ever!  His parents Dilly
Dally and Sammy would be very proud.   He is a little bit more mellow than
he used to be but he is still an active fellow.  We  go for a nice walk in
Central Park every morning and follow-up with a one mile stroll in the
afternoon.  He is the most popular boy in the neighborhood, loves children
and puppies and gets admired everywhere we go. 
Thank you again for my wonderful boy.
Arin Goldman  NYC



Hi Becky,
Our beloved Dakota passed away in October - just prior to her 13th birthday. She was truly the BEST DOG EVER, and we miss her terribly. She lived a long & happy life, making everyone smile & feel loved along the way. Dakota is responsible for dozens of Gleneden pups here in Vienna...... and a recent friend from Woodbridge, Deb Bailey, just adopted a black goldendoodle from Gleneden & named her Dakota!
We have a 2 year old F1b standard goldendoodle named Lexi (from a good friend in KY who bred their F1 female once) and she is such a LOVE. Dakota taught her the ropes like a good big sister does. �� Thank you again for the most perfect family member we could have ever asked for in Dakota!...
Kristin Parker
Vienna, VA



Good morning Judy & Ashten.  We wanted to let you know that Daphne is settling in just wonderfully in her new home in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  It has been 2 weeks of getting to know her and her getting to know us.  It has been wonderful.  We wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for allowing us to bring our new fur baby home.  She is growing & teething nicely! J We’ve attached a few photos as “proof”.
 hank you again for our bundle of joy!!
 Henry Strohminger   Rehoboth Beach, DE



Hi, I wanted to take the time to thank you for giving us our wonderful goldendoodle Maxx. He has been the best thing that's happen to our family. He was born in December 15 and we've had him since he was 9 weeks old. He is a wonderful dog. He is loving and has been putting smiles on our face since the first day we picked him up. Maxx has not had any health problems and is such a happy dog. He has definitely stolen our hearts. We could not imagen our lives without him. We are currently living in Puerto Rico ( my husband is an the army). He has adaptes so well to the climate change, although we spoil him when home with the AC��. Here are some current pictures of him. We once again thank you for giving us such a great dog!    Lily Lebron   Puerto Rico




Almost 11 and still she is happy and energetic!  People stop us when we walk and can't believe her age.  They think she's 2 or 3!  They also mention how beautiful she is!  Of course, I agree! She has the best face!
We really can never thank you enough!
Pam Laszyca
Livonia, MI



Hi Judy--we just finished celebrating Stella's 2nd birthday so I wanted to send an update. She is literally the (dog) love of my life. I picked her up at Gleneden right after my husband deployed to Afghanistan. For the 19 months that he was gone, Stella was that bright spot in the lives of my kids and I. Here she is visiting Carolina Beach, NC.

Thanks again, Crystal Rompalski   Stafford, VA 




Good morning Judy.  Attached is a picture of our precious 4 month old Hudson.  It is hard to believe what a joy he is and how fast he has grown in the 2 months he has been a part of our family.  He is very smart, affectionate, and..yes a pup, but we know he will be a wonderful companion for us and even a future labradoodle.  He is enrolled in the local Nursing Home to visit the residents and bring some joy to their lives, as he has ours.
Best Regards
Bill & Cindy Loving
Franklin, WV



Dear Gleneden,
Sadly our beloved Annie passed away about two weeks after the attached photo was taken, at the age of 14 years, six months.  Our children were 10, 8 & 6 when we got Annie.  She was excellent with the children, very loving, kind and extremely agreeable. She was healthy, athletic and energetic her whole life, until the last few months. People who met Annie were always amazed how much energy she had for her age.  We were blessed to have had her in our family and she is sorely missed.  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. We strongly recommend Gleneden for anyone considering a Labradoodle.   Sincerely, Robin & Bill McCracken, Gap, PA  



This is our labradoodle Duke who became our family member in April 2002.  We got him from Glen Eden. He has been a joy for 15+ years.  There isn't a day that goes by that we don't receive compliments on his beauty.  Most people do not believe he is 15. As a senior dog he is having problems getting up & walking but for 15 years we had no medical problems with him. I kept him on Iams as Judy suggested. It clearly worked for him. We know his time with us is short so we will enjoy the time we have left with him.  Thank you for all our wonderful memories.
The Fox Family   New Jersey



Hi Judy,
Just wanted to send a note to let you know how great Oscar is doing!  He has been sleeping through the night since we completed his first week home!  He is a a joy to have and we wanted you to know how much he is loved!
His "aunt" got him a new bed!!
Thanks again we really love him!
Kara Quinn   West Roxbury, MA




I've attached a few photos of our Bailey-girl from my wedding day on May 28th. She's my best bud and snuck her way into most of the photos we took around the house that day - stuck like glue you might say! Her trademark head tilt is featured in one, and her half-attempt at giving me a kiss before I got into my dress is in the other - it was clearly too much effort to get up haha.
Sincere thanks from the Bryson family for matching us with our doodle (The Dood as she is most commonly referenced). She has brought so much life and love to our family. As she starts to show her old lady age, we keep insisting that we don't know what we would ever have done or what we will ever do without her. She is without a doubt the most joyful member of our family and we are so thankful to have gotten to love her over the last 12 years. Here's to hoping for many more!
Thank you!
Caitlin Bryson   Kentucky


Hi Everyone - just wanted to say that our dog Charley, adopted from you folks 12 years ago, was the best dog in the world.  He passed away at almost 12 last Sunday,  April 10th.  We are definitely in mourning but want to look to the future for an adoption next spring to early summer.   He was a standard labradoodle, blond, silver and red, very handsome fellow.  Big brown eyes, long red eyelashes and big brown nose.  His mother was Poppy and Father was Sunny Brilliance...    We absolutely adored our Charley, and feel lost without him...

Jesse and Gail Daughtry,Loves Park, IL



Hi Judy,
My name is Karen Hipscher.  About 10 years ago I bought Scarlet.  I wanted to purchase a golden doodle for my husband as a Father's Day gift.  We had lost our sixteen year old dog a few months prior.  You referred me to your daughter in law who at the time had a twelve week old female. Scarlet was delivered the following week.
Scarlet continues to be a loving, sweet companion.  Her beauty outside is only surpassed by The goodness & beauty from within.  Unfortunately, my husband passed away five years ago so Scarlet & I are alone.  We continue to enjoy our walks together, & she enjoys the excitement in the household when my grandchildren come to visit. 
The above picture was taken this morning.  I decided to write so many years later to thank you for breeding such a terrific dog.  She gave my husband so much pleasure & continues to do the same for me on a daily basis.
My best wishes to your family.
With appreciation,
Karen Hipscher



Dear Judy,
Feeling guilty I have never submitted any pictures of my beloved friend, Kosi (like “cozy”) who just turned 8 this week.  He is the 2nd doodle I have had the pleasure of having in my life from Gleneden.  I have included a picture of him from you website 8 years ago when I chose him, a picture of him when I picked him up at the airport and a couple of his adventurous life in Idaho ever since.  He has been a life-changer for me and I am so grateful to Gleneden.  I look forward to the day I visit your farm!
David Olson  Idaho



Hi Judy,
Rambo was born June 6, 2015 and today he is 13 months old. He is a bundle of joy, smart and independent minded. He loves to play, run, and cuddle. Can't imagine my life without him! We walk everyday and everywhere we go people comment on how pretty he is. Thanks to Rambo my transition into retirement has been that much more enjoyable. Thanks so much for producing this uniquely healthy and happy addition to my life.
Robin Lynch
Randallstown, Maryland



Our six month old Goldendoodle is close to 60 lbs and is becoming a great dog. He is very active and gets along well with the other pets. Thanks for adding him to our family.

Dave Markel   York, PA



 Hi Judy
I wanted to give you an update on how Kuzco is doing!  She is the happiest and sweetest puppy ever that has a tennis ball addiction ☺️.
My mom loves Kuzco so much that she is ready to purchase her own puppy... Thanks
Emily Abbott   Aldie, VA




Hazel is a sweet girl and we are so happy with her.  She sleeps through the night since we put a ticking clock by her crate.   Our daughter (and her parents) could not be happier !  Thank you for a lovely puppy. 
Kathy Knauss   Washington, DC





Hi Judy and Anya
At first I had no idea what was happening to me!!!  So many new things.   I thought why not be a trooper and see where all this goes.  It has been a fun ride so far and I have become a princess royal blue blanket and all. 
The only thing is this fellow named Charlie that is a little timid around me.  I will change that!
My first trip to vet was today and of course they all loved me. Pam & Bill Oast    Florida



Hello Judy! 
We adopted our sweet love from Becky Hahn via Gleneden on 3/22/08.  He is a male miniature golden doodle whelped on 12/12/07.  His name is Rusty, his parents were Poodle, Windyhill Simba and Goldendoodle, Over the Bridge Katie.  We love him so much!  Here is a picture of him as a pup in ’08 and one of him now, he turns 9 years old on 12/12/16 and is the joy of our home!  He has hardly aged and still prances around like a puppy.  He is so playful and loving!  He is even getting used to our kitten and just wants her to love him :-)  He has survived two successful surgeries for fibrosarcoma with the last one in October 2014.  We are very vigilant to check him thoroughly and regularly for any signs/symptoms of disease.  He has an awesome Veterinarian.  Thankful for each and everyday with him.  One of our best friends is in the process of adopting a puppy from you now.  We cannot wait to meet their new doodle in 2017.  Thank you!  Have a Merry Christmas!
With love,
Frankie, Michael, Michael Paul, Kathleen, Rusty & Ghost Moulton   Wimington, NC



 Hey Judy,

 Thought you'd like to see a few pictures on the occasion of Murfy's birthday #2! She's the best dog ever and we're so happy to have her as part of the family.

 Hope all's well on your end, and thanks for such a great dog!

 Dave, Melissa and Holly Guion   Brooklyn, NY






Hi Judy
Here's a picture of Lucy, Ricky, and of course Archie!  As the puppy he demands to be front and center. Haha
Lucy is 15 today.  No one can believe it.  She is amazing!!!!!  I am crying as I write this because I love her so much. 
Hope you are well
Renee Mann   Los Angeles, CA
Hi Judy!
I apologize but forgot to send you a pic of Oscar from his first birthday.  He is an absolute love and has converted a family member (aunt) who was always afraid of dogs into a complete fan of him.  We are in love with our Oscar!!
Thanks again for letting us take him home!
Kara Quinn   West Roxbury, MA



They are getting along great  So in love!

 Anne Douglas Essex, CT


Hi Judy,
Our boy, Beckham, was born on 28th March 2004 and we adopted him in June of that year. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to him on 13th December 2015.
Before we got him you told us he "was spirited" and for the first 2 years of his life, to say he was a challenge is an understatement. Almost overnight he became the perfect puppy - well behaved, great on walks - never ran away off leash, perfect car passenger,loved the ocean and the snow! Once we took him on a 5 week road trip and "he" wrote a blog every day about his adventures. We counted the number of times every day someone told us how cute he was and by the end of the trip there were 100's of comments. He was always such fun, loved his toys - never destroyed one -  and made us laugh every day with his funny little ways. We own an Inn and having returning guests asking about him is purgatory - we miss him every minute of every day. Thank you for him and the almost 12 years of pure pleasure living with him gave to us. We shall certainly be returning for a puppy when our hurt recedes.
Graham and Maxine
The Sugartree Inn
Warren VT

Stella is very interested in making my morning barn chores more amusing. Her favorite activities include attacking the hose, attacking the broom as I sweep the aisle, trying to eat horse poop and making friends with every person or animal she meets.
Judy, she is a wonderful puppy! She is bold and confident but sweet and snuggly too. She is an absolute joy! Thank you so much for bringing this little girl into our lives.
Ellen Marin   McLean, VA

 Hi Judy,
We got Sadie, our mini Labradoodle, from you in July. She has been a wonderful addition to our family! She's friendly, playful and very sweet.
Here are some before and after pictures of her at 9 months. She just had her first full grooming.
Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!
Christine Stein   Vienna
Hi Judy,
Here are a few photos of our dear puppies handsome Arlo on the left and our sweet and beautiful Baci on the right. They are both such loving puppies. It is hard to believe they are a year old today.
Hope all is well at Gleneden.
All the Best,
Marcy Feeney   Baltimore, MD







Hi Judy,
We can’t believe that our Daisy will be turning 12 years old this week! She has brought us so much love and joy since we brought her home from Gleneden all those years ago. Now we are interested in adding another to our family.
She was one of the unusual puppies that had a black stripe on her blonde fur, and then she only reached 30 pounds as an adult. We love both these things about her!...
Hope all is well with you and your family at Gleneden.
Liz Grossman   Pennsylvania
Hi Judy,
I am writing to ask about puppy availability.  We welcomed Matty, on of your puppies back in August 2003.  We loved her dearly for almost 13 years.  Her parents were Star and Sunny.   We are hoping to add another one of your golden doodles to our family...
Sarah Rising   Atlanta, GA

Hi Judy,
My Paris is growing so fast. Hard to believe she is almost 5 months. She is 11.8 lbs now...
Thanks, Kathy Shaool   Hagerstown, MD

Good Morning: 

Here's a photo of our puppy Roscoe at 12 weeks. We love him so much! He's had 2 rounds of vaccinations and the vet tells us his fecal results came back all negative for intestinal parasites. We are also into in to the second week of puppy obedience classes with a great trainer.


Jamie McShane   Sunnyside, NY

Dear Judy,
Here is our wonderful Gleneden Goldendoodle, Lily, on 10/28/15, her 13th birthday! Still happy, healthy and able to leap onto high beds in a single bound! Here's to many more happy years!
Sally Wood
New York, NY
Dear Judy,
I just wanted to let you know that one of your first golden doodle, Cody, who was 13 1/2 had to leave us. We loved him and we were so proud to have him as a member of our family. We are now living in Richmond, Va, having moved from Bronxville NY(remember how you helped me out with the 2 Eagle Hill dogs?)
I am attaching a photo from a recent Christmas Card...
Hope all is well
Willis O'Brien   Richmond, VA

Hi Judy & Ashten! It's been just over one week since we brought Griffey home. We absolutely love him! He's very sweet and fun. He had a busy week being introduced to everyone. He came with us to school every morning to drop off the kids. He was a hit with office staff. He had his first vet visit and passed with flying colors. So far he loves going on walks and going to the playground with the kids. My sister has a puppy that is a month older than Griffey. The two of them have quickly become friends. Thank you again!
Lindsay Walsh   Fairfax, Virginia
Hi Judy,
Just wanted to share a latest picture of Tom, he is so fun and funny, great personality, and a total snuggle bug.  Whip smart too!
Loving our new baby!
Karen Preston   San Morino, CA

 Duncan is wonderful. He has bonded with our family already and is an absolute sweetie. We love him!!!  Will keep you posted as he grows. Thanks so much. Kathie Morgan   West Conshohocken, PA

Hi Judy,  Thank you again for making it possible for us to adopt Fluffy.  She is a super smart puppy and we are so happy she has joined our family. 
Thank you again, Sarah Miller   Leesburg, VA

Hi Judy, all is well here. The two Doodles play hard and get along really well. Torre has learned so many cues and can be calm much of the time. Walks perfectly on leash!
We are just wondering about a mysterious patch of short hair on her right shoulder. Do you remember if that area was shaved for some reason? I cannot tell if it's growing. The vet said the hair isn't broken and that skin looks healthy.
Lisa Benshoff   Easton, MD

Here is a recent picture of Duke. As you can tell, he has settled in quite nicely. He has stolen our hearts.
Deb Ambrose   Richmond, VA
Linus, RIP
5-28-2003 - 4-19-2016
Many of you know our sweet boy Linus, the greatest dog I’ve ever had, and the only one Carol has ever had.
He succumbed to old age today, just weeks before his 13th birthday, ailing from chronic bronchitis, muscular degeneration and plain old age.
We mourn the loss, as you can imagine.
In tribute to our best-ever friend, faithful companion, and true member of our family, here are a few of our cherished memories:
The first-ever picture of Linus, taken at the breeder’s farm (Gleneden) in Virginia, where Linus was born:
Jim White